The Basics


If you are a survivor of sexual violence, you may have wondered about the different reporting options available to you. Depending on your location and the institution you attend, you may be able to make anonymous reports to law enforcement or your school.

Rape kit Examination

A rape kit, otherwise known as a sexual assault forensic exam, is designed to preserve potential DNA evidence and to provide survivors with medical care. As of October 2016, survivors can no longer be prevented from, or charged a fee for, obtaining a rape kit. Even if you have not decided to file a police report, you have the right to get a rape kit examination. 


As a survivor, it is important to care for yourself physically, emotionally, and mentally. Remember that understanding and processing trauma can be difficult and self-care is never an act of selfishness.  

forms of evidence

Title IX requires all schools to use "preponderance of evidence" as the evidentiary standard when investigating cases of sexual misconduct. This standard of evidence means that the school must determine if the sexual misconduct reported is "more likely than not" to have occurred. In other words, if the chance that the sexual misconduct occurred is even slightly more likely than it did not occur, the accused will be found guilty. 

It is important to recognize that there are many different forms of evidence that can come into play during a sexual misconduct investigation adjudicated by a school.