Impact of Title IX Complaints

Filing a Title IX complaint is one of several ways that you can fight for concrete institutional reform on your campus. Schools that are investigated by the Office for Civil Rights (OCR) and found to be in violation of Title IX are provided with specific instructions on how to become Title IX compliant, and risk losing their federal funding if the prescribed measures are not promptly implemented. 

Below are some examples of schools that have been (or are currently being) investigated by OCR, and some of the results of these investigations.

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UC Berkeley 

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Harvard university

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Princeton university

Results of Office of Civil Right's investigations

Below you can find several examples of the results of investigations by OCR. Please note that this is only a small selection of the resolutions; to find out more about resolved investigations, click on the school's name below or visit this comprehensive website, which tracks Title IX investigations and their developments. 

  •  Revise and strengthen sexual misconduct policies and procedures to provide for prompt and equitable resolution (including appropriate sanctions) of student complaints - Tufts University
  • Establish a committee of students from various student groups, including women's groups, student athletes and others, to identify and recommend strategies to prevent sexual violence and to help students understand their rights under Title IX - George Washington University
  • Provide the complainant with counseling and other remedies (academic support, reimbursement for classes, etc.) as appropriate, to address any emotional, psychological, academic, or employment issues they faced as a result of the University's delay in processing the complaint - Minot State University
  • Retain an Equity Consultant - an expert in Title IX compliance - who will work with designated University employees on prevention of sexual violence on campus - University of Virginia
  • Provide complainants with suitable adjustments (academic, extracurricular activities, housing, and on-campus dining arrangements) to minimize the burden on the complainant’s educational program - University of Notre Dame 
  • Provide annual training on what does and does not constitute consent, as well as information on the University’s Title IX policies and procedures, to all sororities or fraternities that are registered student organizations. The University mandates that maintaining status as a registered student organization is contingent on the organization’s membership completing the training - Michigan State University