How to File a Title IX Complaint


1) complete the title ix Complaint form

Our Title IX filing tool will draft a personalized Title IX complaint for you based on your responses to a series of questions. We will not ask for your name, email address, or any other personally identifying information.


2) Download title ix Complaint draft

Upon completion of the Title IX complaint form, a Word document version of your drafted Title IX complaint will be available for download. Some minor additions must be made before this can be sent to the Office of Civil Rights (OCR); these are outlined below in step 3 and 4. 


3) Choose a Primary Complainant

In order for OCR to act on a Title IX complaint, at least one person with thorough knowledge of the complaint's contents must be willing to receive communications and potentially answer additional questions from OCR. Every complaint should have a primary complainant who includes their full name, address and phone number in the final version submitted to OCR.

While anyone may submit a complaint on their own behalf, one may also submit an individual complaint or a group complaint on behalf of others. To submit a group complaint, you can collate the text from multiple different complaints in a single master document.


4) Make Additions To your Title IX complaint

The inclusion of supplementary details in your Title IX complaint may help to support your case. Such details might include email or text message excerpts, academic transcripts, names of school officials, etc. If you have any questions regarding additions to your Title IX complaint, feel free to contact us. You may also download a sample that includes examples of such additional details. 


5) Submit complaint to the office of civil rights (OCR)

The easiest way to submit a Title IX complaint is by emailing it to You may also submit your complaint via mail to the enforcement office serving your area. 

After submitting your Title IX complaint, you will promptly receive acknowledgement that your complaint was received by OCR. Some time after the complaint has been received, a representative of OCR will contact the primary complainant to inform them whether or not an investigation will be carried out. If the OCR is experiencing a high volume of complaints, it may take a few months for them to evaluate your complaint.