About Us


My name is Yenli Wong, and I am a survivor of sexual assault. I have created this space to empower survivors and allies to fight for institutional reform in the handling of cases of sexual violence. As a survivor, I am familiar with the trauma that can be caused by sexual violence. I myself only found the strength to report the assault to my college two years after the incident occurred; when the administration allowed the investigation to drag on before letting my assailant off with minimal consequences, I felt betrayed.

Determined to ensure that no student should have to experience such callous treatment from my college, I decided to file a Title IX complaint. Together with ten other courageous survivors, we submitted a complaint in August of 2015 and two months later, the Office of Civil Rights opened an investigation of our college. 

I believe that everyone has a part to play in eradicating rape culture. However, schools, colleges and universities have a heightened responsibility on their hands. It is time for institutions of learning and education to stop perpetuating rape culture and privileging perpetrators of sexual violence and harassment. 

Survivors deserve to be believed. Survivors deserve respect and compassion. 

Let us work together to end rape culture in our schools. We may not have chosen it, but this is our fight.