Why file a Title IX complaint? 


Filing a Title IX complaint is one of the ways survivors and allies can fight for institutional reform in the handling of cases of sexual violence. Our organization aims to provide resources and support to survivors of sexual violence who, like us, believe that change is needed across U.S. campuses.

If your school's administration has mishandled a sexual misconduct case or you believe that they are in violation of Title IX, you can use our Title IX filing tool to draft a complaint to send to the Office for Civil Rights.


What Is Title IX?

Title IX is a federal law prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex in any educational program receiving federal funds. There are specific guidelines for the handling of sexual misconduct cases in accordance with Title IX. The Office for Civil Rights is responsible for investigating institutions reported to be in violation of Title IX.

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IMpact of Title ix

There are many courageous survivors and allies who have filed Title IX complaints to advocate for changes in the way schools handle sexual misconduct cases. Thanks to their actions, schools in violation of Title IX have been required to change their sexual misconduct policies and procedures to ensure compliance with Title IX. 

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